JBL Partybox 710 Review

JBL PARTYBOX 710: Powerful Bluetooth Speaker for Ultimate Party Experience

JBL is one of the most well-known manufacturers of audio equipment and speakers, with many customers around the world. The JBL PartyBox 710 Bluetooth speaker is designed for people who want to immerse their gatherings and parties in music. If you are one of these people, undoubtedly, the JBL Party Box 710 Bluetooth speaker, with its powerful 800-watt output, professional RGB lighting, and various software features, is one of the best options for sound playback in outdoor spaces and large halls.

The American company JBL has introduced various series of speakers, including Flip, Charge, Xtreme, Boombox, and PartyBox, to meet the needs of different users depending on their requirements and usage. The PartyBox series, as the name suggests, is designed for use at parties and events. With its very high power, the sound quality of the PartyBox 710 is one of the best in its category. Today, this speaker, priced at approximately 33 million Tomans, has arrived at the Buytronics office. Alongside its specifications, we will take a closer look at all the features and performance of the JBL PartyBox 710 Bluetooth speaker system.

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JBL Party Box 710 Bluetooth Speaker Performance and Features

The PartyBox 710 Portable speaker is considered one of the top products from JBL, and naturally, it has large dimensions to accommodate its powerful sound system. With that in mind, the PartyBox 710 stands at approximately 90 centimeters in height and weighs around 27.8 kilograms. Therefore, we are dealing with a giant gadget that is not very easy to transport. However, JBL has equipped its PartyBox with two wheels underneath, making it easier to move around. So, you can easily move it on smooth surfaces, but if you need to move the PartyBox 710 across different floors of a building and encounter stairs, it will be challenging.

The high-end JBL Bluetooth speaker comes in a single black color. However, certain parts of the body are orange, which is not unrelated to the orange-colored JBL logo. The main distinguishing factor that sets apart the appearance of the high-end JBL PartyBox is its RGB lighting. This lighting surrounds the speaker’s woofers, and its effects change based on the music being played. The ability to change the lighting effects of the PartyBox 710 can be done through a dedicated button on the device or its dedicated application.

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High Built Quality with JBL Bluetooth Speaker in Dubai

The speaker’s body is made of a combination of ABS plastic and metal, which ensures its strength and high build quality. Alongside its quality construction, the PartyBox 710 also benefits from an IPX4 rating. This rating indicates the gadget’s resistance to water splashes and moderate rain.

One of the main drawbacks of the JBL PartyBox 710 is the inability to use it without a direct power connection. Surprisingly, there is no mention of a battery for this wireless speaker. Therefore, you must consider a location for placing this speaker where access to power is available, which may not always be convenient for some users, especially during travel.

On top of the PartyBox 710, there are numerous buttons and controllers. In this section, you can find the power, Bluetooth pairing, and bass boost buttons, along with three other buttons for customizing audio effects. The rotating controllers for manual sound adjustments, including bass, treble, and echo, are also located above this button array. JBL has also placed the play/pause button in this section, which changes the playback status with a certain number of presses. The speaker is equipped with a dedicated space for holding a mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to place your music source in this designated compartment.

The Best Sound Quality – JBL Partybox

Finally, it’s time to talk about the quality and loudness of the JBL Portable speaker, Partybox 710. This high-end speaker is equipped with two 8-inch woofers and two 2.75-inch tweeters to deliver powerful sound. The audio system provides a total effective power of approximately 800 watts, making it one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers in the market in its price range of around 35 million Tomans. Clearly, PartyBoxes are not designed for listening to podcasts or watching movies; their sound is optimized for playing music at high volumes.

The PartyBox 710 truly lives up to its name and delivers a mind-blowing sound experience. The speakers in this Bluetooth speaker system are so powerful that even at a volume setting of 20 out of 100, you can feel the depth and bass in the sound being played. If you increase the volume beyond 50%, you will clearly witness the walls and windows of the room vibrating. The sound quality is also exceptionally high, providing an immersive feeling. However, please note that the PartyBox 710 is not particularly suitable for use in residential homes and apartments. Despite its high volume and powerful bass, you can only use it at the lowest volume setting; otherwise, it will be unbearable.

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JBL has also developed a separate app for users of the PartyBox series speakers to make it easier to adjust settings. This app can be easily installed on your devices. With the PartyBox JBL app, you can easily change the lighting settings and customize the sound settings, including volume and equalizer settings. Some of the buttons on the speaker can also be adjusted through this dedicated app.

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