Galaxy Watch 5 Vs Galaxy Watch 4

Make an informed decision between Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 based on their unique features and specifications

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro, but is this new series worth buying, or is the Galaxy Watch 4 sufficient for users?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was not only the best Android smartwatch we have seen in recent years but also set a high standard for the industry. However, even the best devices can benefit from targeted improvements, and that’s exactly what Samsung has done with the recently unveiled Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro.

It appears that Samsung has taken customer feedback and criticism to heart, as the Galaxy Watch 5 seems to address almost all the shortcomings of its predecessors. One of the notable improvements is the display durability, which has been enhanced to provide even greater longevity. Users will no longer have to worry about scratches or cracks compromising the functionality and aesthetics of their smartwatch.

Another area where the Galaxy Watch 5 shines is in its charging capabilities. Previous models were plagued by slow charging times, which often led to frustration and inconvenience. However, Samsung seems to have rectified this issue, ensuring the Galaxy Watch 5 charges efficiently and quickly. This means users can spend more time enjoying their smartwatch and less waiting for it to power up.

In addition to these targeted upgrades, the Watch5 retains all the features that made its predecessor so popular. It still boasts a sleek and stylish design, a vibrant and responsive touchscreen, and a wide range of fitness and health tracking functionalities. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to track your workouts or simply want to stay connected on the go, the Galaxy Watch 5 has you covered.

Ultimately, deciding whether to upgrade from the Galaxy Watch 4 to the Galaxy Watch 5 will depend on individual preferences and needs. While the Watch 4 was already an exceptional device, the Watch 5 offers refined improvements that enhance the overall user experience. Whether it’s the improved display durability, faster charging, or the peace of mind that comes with owning the latest model, the Galaxy Watch 5 seems to justify its status as a worthy upgrade.

However, all these advancements have also increased the price. While the Series 4 could normally be found for less than $200, the starting price for the Series 5 is $280, and it can reach nearly $500 for the Pro model. This is a significant cost, even if you consider selling your previous watch in the deal. However, depending on your lifestyle and circumstances, the Galaxy Watch 5 may still hold value as a worthwhile purchase.

Stay ahead with the cutting-edge technology of Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4

Technical Specs of Samsung Watch 5 and Watch 4.

Let’s delve deeper into the Watch5 and Watch 4 technical specifications. Both watches share several key features, starting with the Exynos W920 processor. This powerful processor ensures smooth performance and efficient operation for various tasks.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 offer similar options regarding memory and storage. They both come with ample storage space to store music, apps, and other data, allowing users to carry their favorite content on their wrists. Additionally, the watches provide a seamless user experience with their responsive touchscreens and intuitive user interfaces.

One notable upgrade in the Samsung Watch5 is the Bluetooth connectivity, which has been enhanced to version 5.2. This improvement ensures faster and more stable connections and supports advanced wireless features. While the Watch 4 had Bluetooth 5.0, the difference may not be significantly noticeable in day-to-day usage, except for a slight improvement in connection quality.

When it comes to health sensors, the Galaxy Watch 5 largely maintains the same sensors as its predecessor. However, Samsung has introduced a new sensor for skin temperature measurement. Although specific details about this sensor are yet to be fully disclosed, it promises enhanced health monitoring capabilities. It remains to be seen how accurately this new sensor can track and monitor core body temperature and how it will be described and evaluated in the coming weeks.

While there are some upgrades and new features in the Samsung Watch 5 compared to the Watch 4, the core components and functionalities remain largely similar. The choice between the two watches will depend on individual preferences, the need for the latest features, and the specific requirements of each user.

Compare the battery life and performance of Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Design

Both watches are available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, with a similar design. Samsung claims to have improved the curve of the Watch 5 to enhance contact with the wrist. This change will greatly benefit users with slender wrists, allowing the back sensors to contact the skin properly. Many Series 4 owners have experienced this issue and are eager to test this claim with the Galaxy Watch 5.

The frames of both watches are still made of aluminum. Only the Pro model has been upgraded to titanium, but the durability of the touchscreen display has been significantly enhanced with 1.6 times stronger sapphire glass. The watches are constantly on your wrist and susceptible to irreversible damage without a protective glass cover.

Suppose you frequently bump your wrist against different surfaces or engage in demanding outdoor activities like gardening, woodworking, or sports. In that case, the sapphire glass in the Galaxy Watch 5 will be very important. With that in mind, if you are seriously exposed to strenuous activities and currently own a Watch 4, simply remove it from your wrist and acquire one of Samsung’s Series 5 watches.

Galaxy Watch 5 Has a Better Battery Life

We have recently become acquainted with the Galaxy Watch 5 in UAE, so here we have the comparison of a year’s real battery experience with the Watch 4 against some boastful claims from Samsung about the Watch 5. It is said that even if half of Samsung’s claims are true, it will convince many Watch 4 owners to upgrade to the Series 5 and ultimately enjoy their smartwatch’s battery life.

Why is faster charging a significant change? The Galaxy Watch 4 used the same weak USB-A charger that has been included with every Samsung watch series since the introduction of the Galaxy Watch Active. This charger was fast enough for the Active model with a smaller display and battery. Still, the charging time was significantly reduced with the increase in battery size in subsequent generations.

This Galaxy Watch comes with a new USB-C charger, and Samsung has announced that it can charge the watch from 0 to 45% in half an hour. An eight-minute battery charge can provide an eight-hour sleep evaluation for the user.

Another interesting claim from Samsung is that the Watch5 has a battery life of 50 hours on a single charge. If the Watch 4 lasts 24 hours, it is considered lucky, and most users need to recharge it for sleep tracking. Again, we emphasize that these are claims that we eagerly await testing.

Discover the stunning design and display options of Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4

The Similarity in Performance: Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Watch 4

You might think that the Galaxy Watch 5 has incredibly important and exclusive features that the Watch 4 will only benefit from months later, but that’s not the case. The only new software features introduced are a few new watch faces, which, if you’re lucky enough to access the beta version of “Watch One UI 4.5,” you can already use on your Galaxy Watch 4. It is also said that these new designs will soon be available for the final operating system of the Series 4.

The same processor, RAM, storage, and operating system means these watches have almost identical performance. Therefore, considering this aspect, there is no need to upgrade from the Series 4 to the Series 5.

Upgrade to Galaxy Watch 5 in Dubai, UAE: Watch 4 Owners vs. Potential Buyers

Considering the benefits of a more durable display and improved battery life, current Watch 4 owners may find little reason to upgrade, especially with Samsung’s high prices. However, if you’re in Dubai, UAE, and have yet to purchase a Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch 5 is the ultimate choice. With its enhanced sapphire crystal glass and battery life, it’s a worthwhile investment, even if you can find the Series 4 at lower prices.

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