Moonscars for Nintendo Switch – Video Game

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Moonscars Video Game for Nintendo Switch

Under grim moonlight, the fierce clayborne warrior Grey Irma battles, driven by a lonesome purpose: Find the Sculptor, and unravel the mystery of her existence.
Push the limits of your combat skills, and master new abilities to progress through an unforgiving nonlinear 2D world. Face off against the relentless darkness that seeks to destroy you. In Moonscars, every death is a lesson learnt—and as you overcome each challenge, new truths will be revealed.

Moonscars game for Nintendo Switch in buytronics.

In the game, players assume the role of Grey Irma, a warrior made of clay and bone, on a quest to find her creator, the Sculptor. The game takes place in a world where clay creatures inhabit the ruins of human civilization.

As Grey Irma, players can engage in combat using a broadsword, which allows them to attack multiple enemies simultaneously. Additionally, Irma has the ability to dodge or parry enemy attacks. Successfully parrying an enemy’s attack not only allows players to counter-attack but also pushes the enemy back. Defeating enemies grants Irma Ichor, which can be used to restore her health or unleash magical abilities known as Witchery.

When Irma dies, she is resurrected at the last checkpoint used by the player. However, each time she dies, the power of the enemies increases. To counter this difficulty increase, players can acquire Glands from slain monsters, which can be used to reduce the game’s difficulty.

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Release date

September 27, 2022

No. of players

Single System (1)


Action Platformer


Humble Games



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