Bose-QuietComfort Ultra-Earbuds

Immerse yourself in a new dimension of sound with Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds. Featuring breakthrough spatialized audio and Bose Immersive Audio, these earbuds redefine realism, bringing your music to life. Enjoy world-class noise cancellation, customizable to your preferences, and a design that marries comfort with stability. With umbrella-shaped eartips and adjustable stability bands, these earbuds offer an unparalleled fit, sealing off external noise for a truly immersive listening experience. Say less and listen more with Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbud.

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Bose-QuietComfort Ultra-Earbuds
Unleash the Power of Immersive Listening

Immerse yourself in the future of audio with Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds . Feel the music like never before with breakthrough spatialized audio that transcends the boundaries of conventional listening. These earbuds redefine reality with Bose Immersive Audio, delivering a level of realism that will make you question whether you’re wearing earbuds at all.

Step into the Acoustic Sweet Spot

Experience the acoustic sweet spot where the music unfolds just in front of you. The spatial placement of sound creates an illusion that goes beyond traditional earbuds, providing an unmatched audio adventure. It’s not just listening; it’s a mind-bending natural sound that feels so real you might find yourself trying to touch the music.

World-Class Noise Cancellation, Tailored to You

Achieve real quiet or heightened awareness with world-class noise cancellation that adapts to your preferences. Blend the perfect balance of sound and silence with these cutting-edge noise-canceling earbuds. The power is in your hands, or rather, in your ears, thanks to CustomTune technology that automatically adjusts noise cancellation and sound performance to your unique preferences.

Unparalleled Comfort and Stability

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of umbrella-shaped eartips that not only feel super soft but also seal off outside noise, creating a cocoon of audio bliss. The stability bands are designed to hug the contours of your ears, ensuring a secure fit. With nine potential combinations to choose from, find the perfect fit for your ears and enjoy stability like never before.

Say Less. Listen More.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds are not just earbuds; they are a sonic revolution. Say less and let the immersive audio experience speak for itself. Elevate your listening with a design that feels as good as it sounds. Welcome to a new era of sound – where every note is felt, and every silence is intentional.



Weight 0.00624 kg
Dimensions 5.94 × 6.63 × 2.67 cm



Black, White

Bluetooth range:

Up to 9 m

Bluetooth version:


Battery life:

Up to 6 hours*

Earbud charge time:

1 hour

Charging case charge time:

3 hours

Quick-charge time:

20 minutes for 2 hours

Battery charge method:


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